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Montech Studios Inc. is a digital transformation enterprise software company that uses blockchain technology to develop cutting-edge solutions for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across different niches. Our clients include startups, Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, universities, financial service companies, and artists among others. We help organizations increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve day-to-day processes with technology.

The solutions we build are suited for current and changing times, established and emerging markets.

Our clients are an integral part of the development process from idea to MVP, and we provide maintenance support post-production. Montech specialises in the development of reliable and scalable software solutions that perfectly suit client needs.


What our Clients are Saying


As the CEO of ValuesCo, I highly recommend working with Montech Studios. Their great work has consistently met our organization's needs and proved invaluable to us over the past 2 years. The team demonstrates deep expertise in RUST, Solidity, comprehensive product development and product management. Their collaboration, adaptability, and problem-solving skills make them an absolute pleasure to work with. Montech consistently delivers on time and is trustworthy and reliable.

Andrew Berkowitz

Founder, CEO of ValuesCo



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In-House Projects

Providing World Class Services

Blockchain is disrupting the tech space; from digital products to digital currencies, information security and IoT, blockchain offers enhanced security, accessibility and a seamless user experience across many kinds of enterprise applications.

We use blockchain technology to create mobile and web applications that are beautiful, user-friendly, and modern.


Software Development/Software Consulting


In today’s digital world, your business needs the right software systems to reach a wider audience. Using the latest stack, we design and develop world class web and mobile applications so that your customers can connect with you on the go. We also migrate your existing applications from web2 to web3 leveraging blockchain technology, custom SDKs and servers, to give them a modern feel and improved security.

Web & Mobile Application Development

Custom SDKs & APIs

Web2 to Web3 Migration


Other Blockchain Services


The known world is beginning to transcend mere digital transformation. The metaverse is the buzz of the moment, especially in the crypto space, and NFTs are the linchpin of the metaverse economy. We help artists and other creatives convert their digital assets to NFT Smart contracts which is then made available to the general public for minting. We audit these smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities and proffer suitable fixes. In addition, we create and deploy dApps - applications that leverage blockchain technology to keep user data safe and tamper-proof.

NFTs (Drops, Marketplaces)


Smart Contract Auditing


Quality of Service Delivery


Quality of service delivery is perhaps one of the most important factors that determine the success of any business. At Montech, we do not just build applications that are functional, we build applications that are user-friendly and bug-free. Our robust team of UI/UX designers and QA engineers ensure that your application is built to world-class standards. We also have the most experienced project/product managers who are skilled at getting the job done in the shortest possible time while maintaining a very high quality.

Project/Product Management

UI/UX & Designs

Software Quality Assurance


Content Development


Excellence is not limited to the products you build, but also embedded in the message you pass to your customers. It is one thing to build a great product and another thing to tell the story behind your product to the right audience using the right message. We create powerful copies for your web and mobile applications to give you very high conversion rates. We develop new whitepapers & litepapers, and remodel existing ones to ensure that the technical and other details of your products and services are well documented. All our content is properly curated in plain, error-free language.

Copywriting/Content Development


Whitepapers & Litepapers


Marketing/Brand Awareness


Digital marketing is a veritable instrument used in modern times to sell powerful products and services to the people who need them. We use modern tools and techniques to develop powerful content including text, graphics, and video animations (2D/3D) to market your product or service to your target audience, and increase brand awareness. We also employ social media - Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Discord, Tik-tok, and others to reach as many potential clients as possible and make your brand known.

2D/3D Animations

Product Marketing

Social Media Management

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